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To charge a lithium battery in full, the charger has to start with constant current (CC) and move to constant voltage (CV) mode as it achieves full charge. Lithium Power’s charger will indicate that the battery is charged in full when the tapper current drops down to 250mA or lower in CV mode. The lithium battery voltage will also drop immediately once the charging current is terminated. The reason is that the electromotive force is no longer present to push up the batteries’ charge, and chemical equilibrium forces the reaction to reserve a bit, with the voltage down. So, we design battery and charger pairs so that both devices can have handshake functions. They can communicate and deliver precise messages to users using an LED display.

Off-the-shelf chargers sourced through the marketplace do not support custom-made OEM battery packs very well for many reasons. We have designed high-quality chargers to fit a range of battery pack solutions (see below). We offer our OEM clients custom-paired charger solutions for each battery pack we design. This is an option for OEM clients, but we strongly recommend the long-term performance benefits of pairing a battery pack solution with its own paired charger solution. Following are our design criteria:

Charging lithium battery packs with high efficiency is a common requirement from our OEM customers. With our long professional experience and domain knowledge of lithium batteries and battery management, Lithium Power, Inc. will provide you with a complete and worry-free custom-paired charger to meet your specific needs.

Safety is our key concern.
We only provide industry-certified chargers designed to reliably and safely deliver high performance to our customers.

For custom-made design, please provide the following information:

Chemistry: Lithium
Input: 90-260 VAC or _______
Output: 12 VDC or _______
Output: 12.0 A or _______
Charging time: Within _______ hours
Charging connector’s model #_______; and part #_______
Certification requirements: _______

Our custom-paired charger products
Watt/hour range covers 10W-3000W


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