Golf Cart and Electric Vehicles

BCI Form Factors

A popular BCI form factor* is the GC2/GC8. This lead acid battery product has been widely used for many decades in highly diversified industries such as golf carts and other electric vehicles. Lithium Power delivers the GC2/GC8 form factor lithium battery with significant technological breakthroughs that allow users to switch seamlessly.

Highlights of technological breakthroughs:

  • Direct drop-in replacement
  • Works with existing lead acid chargers/charging systems
  • IP 67 rated
  • UL 2580 certified battery cells
  • UL 2271, UL 1973, IEC 62133, IEC 62619, ECE R100 certified pack
  • Built-in heating element for low temperature charging
  • Heat sink for excessive heat dissipation
  • Smart BMS balances the cells within a pack and between multiple packs when connected in parallel
  • CANBus communication
  • User configurable settings
  • Multi-level protection parameters

*Form factors are the dimensions and configuration of the appliance’s battery compartment.