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Lithium Battery Pack

For nearly two decades, Lithium Power, Inc. has custom-designed and manufactured lithium battery packs for many applications. Our battery packs power robotic vacuums, outdoor security cameras, LED lights, medical devices, e-bikes, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(UAV)/drones, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), forklifts, pallet runners, various electric vehicles, 96V motor controllers, and much more.

We also design and build energy storage systems with outdoor weather-proof enclosures that provide an uninterruptible power supply for solar applications, PBX, computer servers, data centers, as well as telecom towers.

Our lithium battery packs are professional turnkey solutions that combine lithium battery cells, a Smart Battery Management System, mechanicals, communications, testers, chargers and safety certifications (e.g. UL , IEC, UN, etc.).

Our Applications

UL Certified and Anti-explosion Design
Robotic Vacuum
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Drones
LED Light Tower
Automatic Guided Vehicles Forklifts
AGV Pallet Runners
LED Work Light
Energy Storage Systems for UPS
Solar Power
96V Motor Controller
Medical Devices

Lithium Battery Cell Selection

There are many different types of lithium batteries in the market. Robotics and electric vehicles require a high discharge output, energy storage systems need high power density, starter batteries and solar applications need to be operable in freezing temperatures, and batteries cycling daily need a long cycle life. With nearly two decades of experience in the lithium battery industry, we are familiar with the battery supplier chain and understand quality control. We will offer you the most suitable lithium battery cells based on application requirements, performance, target costs, reliability, and safety.

Smart Battery Management System (BMS)

Our proprietary Battery Management System separates us from other lithium battery suppliers. Most of our competitors rely on third parties for their Battery Management Systems. We own 100% of our BMS design. In the circuit boards, we have our own micro-controller chip that integrates a precise battery gauge, cell balancing and protection circuitry, and system control firmware. We have no black box in our lithium battery technology.

Nearly all the BMS found on the market come equipped with simple preset protection parameters. Our BMS comes with multi-level, user-configurable voltage, temperature, and current protection parameters which allow adjustments using our battery tester tool or various communication protocols such as CANBus, SMBus, and Bluetooth. Around 60 parameters of battery information can be delivered live or saved in the battery history data log. Information in our battery history log includes SOC, SOH, number of charge cycles, depth of discharge, operating temperatures, cell and BMS board temperatures, cell voltages, discharge currents, peak discharge current and duration, and more. Our Smart batteries are adaptable based on unique application requirements and also allow flexible changes through firmware updates.

Our Smart BMS which works with any lithium chemistry is available for companies to build their own battery packs. Our engineering team can assist with product training and implementation.

Smart BMS Features

Smart BMS Block Diagram

BMS Block Diagram

Examples of how Smart BMS works.

For drone applications, our Smart BMS will tell the controller of the drone how much power it has left, down to the seconds. Once the power reaches alert level, as defined by the controller’s calculation software, the drone will be forced to return back to the charging station. This avoids the chance for it to lose power in-flight and cause damage to the drone itself, people, and property.

Another Smart feature is that our Smart BMS comes equipped with a history data log function providing crucial information regarding battery usage. This is extremely helpful for product developers as it provides a clear description of our end customers are using the application.


Lithium battery cells and the BMS hardware/software need to be designed as a whole solution to fit each unique application. Some applications require unique housing designs such as the type of material or IP rating. Our battery packs pass altitude, thermal, vibration, shock, short circuit, impact, overcharge, forced discharge, and other tests. This requires advanced mechanical and software design.


One of the major reasons why companies choose Lithium Power, Inc. as their technical partner is because we can provide them with communication protocols to control, command, and remotely monitor/manage their custom-made battery packs. The ability to offer communication capabilities makes our battery packs far more intelligent and desirable. Our OEM/ODM customers also value how our lithium technology as an energy source combined with communication capabilities meet the needs of future trends for their cloud applications.

Cloud Connected Battery

Battery Pack Testers Equipment

We provide tester equipment for OEM/ODM customers to test the battery packs we design and produce. To ensure quality, customers can use our provided testers to test battery packs in incoming and outgoing inspection stages. Our OEM/ODM customers will have right fit tools to test their battery packs before final assembly of their end products. This add-on value brings us to another level of quality control from design to manufacturing and product implementation.

Safety Regulations

For mission critical applications, safety certifications for are a must. We provide safety certifications once we complete the custom designs. The safety certifications we offer include but not limited to:

  • UN 38.3
  • UL 1642
  • UL 2054 (cell and pack level)
  • UL 2271 for Light Electric Vehicle and UL 2272
  • UL 3030 for commercial drone uses
  • IEC 62133

Case study:

The U.S. CPSC (United States Consumer Product Safety Commission) reported 52 cases of hoverboard fires between December 1, 2015 and February 17, 2016. The factors that cause hoverboard batteries to catch fire are:

  • A lack of a BMS protection board
  • Low-cost design that offers little or insufficient protection
  • Poor quality materials and cheap assembly process
  • Inadequate mechanical safety design
  • Lack of UL certification

Lithium Power provides turnkey solutions for hoverboard batteries that solve these quality gaps and provide a safer, consumer-friendly solution:

  • UL Certified battery pack
  • Meets or exceeds U.S. CPSC’s safety standards
  • Built-in SMART proprietary BMS technology that offers multi-level protections while charging and discharging
  • Proprietary mechanical design - aluminum housing that meets anti-explosive requirements and protects from shocks and vibrations
  • Extensive testing, inspection, and quality control of each battery pack ISO and UL certified production lines

ISO and UL Production Lines

Lithium Battery Chargers

We provide custom-paired lithium battery chargers to secure and enhance the performance and reliability of our battery packs. This is important especially when customers have unique charging requirements. Charging the lithium batteries quickly, providing charging status as a percentage, and giving a “charge completed” indication are a few common requirements.

To fully charge a lithium battery, the charger has to conduct CC to CV mode charging. Lithium Power’s charger will indicate that the battery is charged full.

Lithium Power is your trusted One-Stop-Shop for all lithium battery solutions. We hold full responsibility for our products and services.

Please call us at (408) 837-0206 or Email us for additional information.


At Lithium Power, Inc., we bring lithium technology to life through innovative ideas. Our engineers are constantly developing next generation solutions. We need people just like you to provide inventive and resourceful ideas.

As we head towards the future, we know our success depends on the groundbreaking ideas of today. In order to continue the creative cycle and provide you with a better quality of life, we encourage you to submit your ideas to help us create products that are inspired by you and to be used by you – our customers and partners.

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