Lithium Power, Inc.’s Patented ISPB (Integrated Solar-Powered Battery) is a revolutionary product that combines two clean energies: Solar and lithium technology. Using only renewable energy, the ISPB is a complete package that provides a reliable power solution for areas inconvenient for power cables to reach.

As a professional lithium battery manufacturer in solar-powered energy storage, we serve for OEM and system integrators only. We currently do not offer our products to residential customers for personal use.



Lithium Power's Patented ISPB-2KWh is a highly integrated product that offers a plug and play solution for power integrators: With its 2KWh capacity, ISPB-2KWh provides the following features to meet the market's needs:

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Custom made solar-powered battery solution to meet specific needs

Lithium Power, Inc. is devoted to use clean energy technology to promote sustainability and create a better world, so we are developing high wattage batteries for solar applications. Our Patented ISPB can be customized to integrate your creative ideas and meet specific industry needs. Please contact us at for additional information or to discuss potential collaboration projects.

Targeted Applications

Public parking garages / Parking lots / Parks / Street lights / Garden lights / School campuses / Outdoor signs / Traffic signs / Areas difficult to reach using power cables / Any location which may use lighting or surveillance cameras

For example:
A surveillance application for where power cables cannot reach.

The highly integrated product is an all-in-one photovoltaic energy storage system that comes with a high-efficiency 100Wh solar panel and battery. A built-in solar MPPT charging circuit safely directs constant electrical currents converted by sunlight into a 325W battery. Two built-in LED drivers deliver constant DC power to two 12V/12W outputs for LED lights. A built-in CCTV driver delivers 12V/10W output for a surveillance camera.

Patented ISPB-12 Technical Specs.
Input: 20~28.8V, 2~5A, 100W
Capacity: 325Wh
Output: 12V/12W x 2\(ambient illuminance controlled); 12V/10W x 1
Operating temperature:
-20 - 60°C (Discharging); 0~45°C (Charging)
Water/dust proof: IP65
Cycle life: 500
UL certifications: UL 1973 and UL 9540


Unique technological breakthroughs

ISPB-12 can turn a normal solar panel into a high efficiency solar panel that easily converts even dim light into electricity. This is a leading breakthrough feature in the market. ISPB’s solar panel is embedded with CIGS (copper indium gallium serenades) technology. CIGS has advances on low-temperature deposition.

ISPB-12 integrates many unique circuits into one box. A built-in MPPT charging circuit stabilizes the DC current to charge the battery securely and reliably. A built-in LED driver delivers constant DC power to the LED lights for better performance and longevity. A built-in CCTV driver allows users or system integrators to plug in security cameras or other devices.

ISPB-12 is manageable. For system integrators, Lithium Power, Inc provides development tools to adjust the power usage settings. For example, scheduling when the ISPB will turn on/off or controlling the brightness of the lights.

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