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New Lithium Neato XV Replacement Battery
Battery: Lithium-NMC power cell
Capacity: 4400mAh
Voltage: 7.4V (Total voltage 14.8V)
Cycle time: 800 with 80% capacity left
Discharge rate: < 1% per month
Daily Usage Chart

"Our batteries are designed with a sleep-mode that deactivates the battery after a period of inactivity in order to provide a longer operating time and longer battery life. It may be necessary to reactivate the battery before use. Please refer to the Quick Start Card for the battery activation procedure."

Lithium Replacement Battery for Neato® XV Series (Set of 2)

The last replacement battery you will need to buy!

*Fully compatible with the original charger

USA domestic sales:
FREE shipping – $89.00
Battery with 2nd year extended warranty – $99.00
Lithium Power Inc Neato (NX) Replacement Battery
International shipping (other than United States)
Shipping costs included; duty not included – $149.00
Battery with 2nd year extended warranty – $159.00
Lithium Power Inc Neato (NX) Replacement Battery

Finally Lithium-powered Neato® XV series.
The First Ever Lithium Replacement Battery for Neato XV Series with better performance, durability, and 4 times the battery life!

Thousands of users love our sister product, a lithium replacement battery for the Roomba 500/600/700/800 series!

Lithium battery technology may cost a little more up front, but lithium batteries last 4X longer and hold a charge for nearly twice as long as the stock NiMH, NiCd and all aftermarket replacement batteries. Our lithium batteries can save you 50% on battery costs and you gain the peace of mind knowing that these batteries are not going into landfill. Buy yours today!


  • Ultra High capacity, 38% more than the original
  • Longer operating time with 4 times longer battery life, Li-NMC power cells remain at 80% capacity after 800 cycles
  • Safeguarded built-in-smart charging CC, CV circuit
  • Built-in over protection circuits provide safety and reliability
  • Patent battery balancing technology for expanded battery life
  • No memory effect + low rate of self-discharge
  • One year warranty

Reasons why people choose our products

1. They understand that Lithium is superior technology

2. They have experienced poor battery lives and want a battery with a longer operating time and longer battery life.

3. Frequent users or pet owners would like to use the Neato almost everyday.

OEM Ni-MH Battery Aftermarket Ni-MH Batteries Our Lithium Replacement Battery
Cost/Performance $0.25/cycle $0.25/cycle $0.11/cycle
Price $50.00 $49-90*1 $89.00
Charge Cycle*2 200 cycles 200 cycles 800 cycles
Type Ni-MH Ni-MH Li-NMC
Capacity 3200 mAH 3200-3800 mAH 4400 mAH
Weight 660g (set of 2) 630-680g (set of 2) 400g (set of 2)
Voltage 14.4V (7.2V each) 14.4V (7.2V each) 14.8V (7.2V each)
Self-Discharge > 25%/month*3 > 25%/month*3 < 1%/month
Memory Effect Yes Yes No
Warranty 6 months N/A or 1 year 1year/ 2nd optional

*1: Please note that the battery may only work for a few weeks or months.

*2: A battery cycle is a complete discharge and recharge.

*3: The battery will be damaged through long transportation or storage time.

Cleaning Tip: Clean your floors daily to reduce dust particles.
Last longer, clean better.
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