PB-48-5 - Industrial Grade Battery

PB-48-5 is an industrial-grade battery product designed as a portable energy storage system or on-call power bank product that allows companies to seamlessly continue operations using “instant-on” backup power for their industrial devices. In consumer applications, power bank products are focused on delivering the highest capacity of power at the lowest price possible. For industrial users, performance, safety and reliability are their major considerations for meeting their operational needs.

Lithium Power Inc.’s unique Battery Management System (BMS) innovation enhances battery power availability for the industrial user in need of performance, safety and reliability.

Lithium Power also provides charger design and tester for PB-48-5 as a complete smart battery system that allows industrial users to charge and test the PB-48-5 without compromising quality, keeping their business continuously operating.

Lithium Power’s PB-48-5 is a 240Wh power bank designed for business and industrial users to ensure continuous operation of their industrial applications. The performance, safety and reliability of lithium battery power are the major concerns for business users when choosing a power supply solution.

How does the PB-48-5 match up against these concerns?



Industrial users want the battery power bank to maintain a constant capacity, without experiencing any unexpected drops in capacity that could leave the user without sufficient power to keep operating.

Lithium Power’s unique BMS ensures the user against an unexpected lack of power by providing a data log function to developers in the product development stage to understand how their devices use battery power over time. This allows developers to improve their design and prevent outages and downtime.

For example, developers can read the data log of the BMS and understand that the temperature of the location housing the battery array is too high, causing the BMS to stop operation to protect the battery from damage and deliver the data to improve the thermal design of the battery pack and enhance its performance. The data log also reports exactly how much power is discharged at what time and for how long. This lets industrial device manufacturers understand how their customers use their product and battery power. Note: Lithium Power’s BMS data log information can only be accessed by Lithium Power’s proprietary tester.

The design of PB-48-5 is designed to store power at 48V, which is the most efficient voltage at which to store power. But, the product is designed to deliver multiple voltages to match the device’s performance requirements. This allows industrial users to use a low power current. PB-48-5 can easily be set for DC to DC conversion at lower voltages such as 36V, 24V or 12V to match the user’s application.



Using lithium batteries safely is also a major business concern for industrial users. Lithium Power’s unique BMS ensures safe operation by providing the most safety features in the market. The temperature protection of BMS allows PB-48-5 be safely used in a wide temperature range: from -15 degree C to 60 degree C. Note: The consumer power bank product due to cost considerations, does not offer temperature protection in its BMS programming.

The mechanical design against shock and vibration for the PB-48-5 is another safety feature. The battery case keeps the battery cells steady and the welding of the frames is designed to be robust enough to allow the power packs to be transported and carried around worldwide. This makes the PB-48-5 the perfect power solution for mobile devices.



Reliability is always a main business concern for industrial users. The designed-in quality of lithium battery packs starts from the very first step of the design phase. The PB-48-5, a 240Wh power bank for industrial use, is designed from the start to operate with Lithium Power’s unique Battery Management System (BMS) to provide high reliability. The unique feature of cell balancing in BMS, temperature protection for charging/discharging in high/low temperature, the mechanical design of battery holder, the welding of the case housing against shock and vibration. The overall design is focused on creating a durable, long-lasting, reliable power solution, extending the usage of the PB-48-5 far longer than competitive solutions.


Production in a


PB-48-5 is manufactured at Lithium Power’s UL-certified factories. Lithium Power’s lithium battery packs have been certified by UL2054 for medical devices and under UL2271 for light vehicle applications like hoverboards, skateboards, and mobile, automated and guided vehicles .


Our Design
Charger makes

our smart
battery system

Most chargers on the market are designed for lead acid batteries. They are not designed to efficiently support lithium battery products, or not is another compatibility issue. They also lack a “shake-hand” feature that allows the charger to work effectively with the battery. For example, our charger starts charging when the temperature of the battery is within the correct temperature range for safe recharging. The BMS’s protection function prevents charging in excessive temperatures automatically, protecting the health of the batteries and preventing overheating. In addition, most industrial users want the battery to be charged in full in a short period of time. Our system ensures that this quick recharging occurs safely. Adapting separately purchased chargers to work with lithium batteries will compromise the quality and performance of the whole battery system.

Lithium Power can design a charger that fits the varied chemistry of the lithium battery: Different chemistries of lithium have different charging voltages. To charge the lithium battery in full, the last 10% of the lithium battery’s capacity must be charged in CV mode.


Solution -


A Tester is also a professional tool that industrial users need to know and track the battery status in detail. Lithium Power’s tester allows user to get the status of individual battery cells within the bank. A warning signal will be sent automatically to your technician if an abnormal situation happens.

Lithium Power’s proprietary tester delivers comprehensive information about each cell in the battery pack to help the product developer access necessary information about battery power use and status in the product development stage. Engineers can also retrieve insightful usage data from units received back from customers (real marketplace usage data.)

Specifications of PB-48-5

Model No. : PB-48-5
Application : Industrial
Battery Type : Lithium Ion
Battery Configuration : 13S2P
Nominal Voltage : 48.1 V
Maximum Charge Voltage : 54.6 V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage : 36.4 V
Capacity : 5 Ah (typical*1)
Standard Charge Current : 5.0 A
Standard Discharge Current : 10.0 A (5-45° C) 7.5A (45-60° C) 2.5A (-15-5° C)
Maximum Charging Current : 5.0 A
Maximum Discharging Current : 10.0 A (Continuous)
Operating Temperature : 0°C to 45°C (Charging)
-15°C to 60°C (Discharging)
Storage Temperature : -10°C to 35°C (12 months),
Recoverable Capacity: 80%*2
Safety Device : Each pack is equipped with a protection circuit against over-voltage, over-discharge, over-current and excessive temperature.
Dimension (L x W x H) : 210 mm x 70 mm x 65 mm Max.
Safety Regulation : UN38.3

LPI-54-4 charger (for PB-48-5) Main Spec.

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