Lithium Power, Inc.'s Patented SPB (Solar-Powered Battery) is a revolutionary product that combines these two clean energies: Solar and lithium technology. Using only renewable energy, the SPB is a complete package that provides a reliable energy storage solution for any energy-usage device that could benefit from a solar application.

As an experienced, well-regarded lithium battery manufacturer in solar-powered energy storage, we serve OEM and system integrators only. We currently do not offer our products to residential customers for personal use.



Lithium Power's Patented SPB-4KWh is a highly integrated product that offers a plug and play solution for solar power integrators: With its 4KWh capacity, SPB-4KWh provides the following features to meet the market's needs:

Please contact us for more technical information at info@LithiumPowerInc.com

Custom Made Solar-Powered Battery Solution to Meet Specific Needs

Lithium Power, Inc. is devoted to using clean energy technology to promote sustainability and create a better world. We developed high wattage batteries for solar applications to expand the utility of solar as a renewable energy source. Our patented SPB can be customized to integrate easily into your creative designs and unique industry and location requirements.

Please contact us at info@LithiumPowerInc.com for additional information or to discuss potential collaboration projects.

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